DDLifeCamp Series

Foundation Life Camp Newsletter

The 5 Annual Life Camps


  • May– Mothers and Children

  • June- Fathers and Children

  • September– Girls Only ages 9-18

  • November- Boys Only ages 9-18

  • December– Boys and Girls ages 9-16


Post Life Camp Follow Up


After the Life Camp Experience the foundation then follows up with these individuals by providing the a web page that contains the information they received while at the camp. They also will be connected with local organizations in the community that specialize in areas that parents have identified as a need for their family. Participants are encourage to attend as many Life Camps as possible to receive greater information and development while interacting and meeting new friends.

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Focus Areas:

  • Self esteem

  • Decision Making Skills

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Development of Parenting Skills

  • Prevention of School Drop Out

  • Total Health and Wellness

  • Self Respect

  • Athletic Development

  • Violence Prevention

  • Prevention of Substance and Alcohol abuse

  • Prevention of Gang Involvement through alternative choices

  • Promoting youth awareness and involvement in the community

  • Making new friends and improvement of socializing skills

  • Promoting youth independence