Meet Donovin Darius

Founder and Head Director

Donovin Darius Foundation Life Camps

In DDF’s Life Camp Series, Donovin Darius and his volunteers physically and mentally inspires all participants. With emphasis on total health and wellness in families,  the sDDLifeCamp series creates a unique experience of education, empowerment and fun for all family members at EveBank Field.

Next Level Training & Performance Organization

DonovinDariusNextLevel-Logo-Pantone802Green_SquareStackedThis organization was founded by Donovin Darius in 2010. He partners with professional, collegiate, high schools, youth sports organizations and individuals to empower them through his Next Level Leadership and Athletic Training Methodology. With his Exercise Science Degree and his reputation as the 2005’s NFL Best trained Athlete by Sports Illustrated, he brings that knowledge and wisdom to all his coaches and athletes as he develops them with proven technique and fundamentals that take their game to the Next Level.

Southeast Regional Director

The purpose of this community is to engage, celebrate and connect all former NFL players to each other, their former teams, and their NFL benefits while assisting them into the next chapters of their lives. If you are a former NFL Player please allow me to get you connected.

NFL Ambassador & Transitional Coach

Under the NFL Total Wellness Program, they have selected Donovin Darius to be one of only 12 former players to be extensively certified in peer counseling. Over 80 hours of professional development will be focused four curriculums: Life Transition & Change Management, Relationship Management Skills, Mental Health First Aid and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills. This role and responsibility   allows Donovin Darius to stand before NFL teams, NCAA teams, NFL families, and other corporate organizations as he educates, equips and empowers others to reach their Next Level in life.

Motivational Speaking 

As a dynamic and impactful speaker, Donovin Darius empowers thousands of people with a message of hope, encouragement, possibilities and total fulfillment. All organizations are pleasantly satisfied as Donovin Darius engages his audiences with personal stories, knowledge and practical steps to improve in areas such as Effective Leadership, Successful Living, Work -Life Balance, Relationship Management and much more.

With every breath of my life I will serve God and his people. I will assist everyone towards their destiny. I will lead by pointing people to model after Jesus, the Christ. To model his ways, his character, his ideas, and his purposes for their lives. I will utilize my gifting of teaching and encouraging to inspire and motivate everyone from the least to the greatest. In this type of leadership I will not be the focus , just the one behind, underneath and beside everyone assisting them forward in achieving their destiny. This is the purpose and focus of my life.

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