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Character Impact 
“I really liked how Donovin explained the origin of the word character and how it applied to his own life. I thought it was profound and very touching. I know it impacted my son because he remembered what he said later on that day.”
Financial Education
“The financial presentation has been most helpful to my oldest daughter with her own finances and how important it is to prepare for paying for college. My youngest now understands needs and wants better. She now has an interest in budgeting.”
Parents Impacted
“I thought it was a wonderful experience. The part where parents were asked about our dreams……have they come true? Yes and no. Now time for me to work on those that haven’t!”
Fatherlessness Impact
“I think it was awesome and I am happy that someone in the community thought about taking up time with my kids where their father have failed them.”
Self Esteem Impact 
“The D.A.R.E To Dream Pledge was amazing. My daughter came home and highlighted the passage and re read it. She woke up this am and after her morning prayer she read her pledge. She even has my 7 year old saying it.  We also loved the fact that Donovin even prayed for the families at the end of the event.”
Community Focused Impact 
“My son Cameron and daughter Taylor enjoyed the Pay it Forward Life Camp, was motivated to continue positive personal growth and loved learning about the many ways to give back to the less fortunate.”
Family Activity Impact 
“The Life Camp experience really puts things into perspective. Listening to an awesome motivational message and bonding through sports and agilities really helped me focus on what the most important thing in life is and that is the raising of my two daughters. This experience was one more thing to help me realize that my daughters need their Daddy more than anyone else, to protect them, encourage them and give them a sense of self being and reassurance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this event possible for all the Dad’s out there!”
Spiritual Impact
“Several things stuck with me. I really liked your explanation of religion compared to a relationship. This is an area of my life I can improve on and will help me know if I am heading in the right direction for my purpose in life. I have not figured out what my purpose is just yet, but in the mean time I will try to be the best parent.”
Mothers Impact
“Being a full time mother, a full time student, full time worker, and assistant to a photographer this past weekend was a BLESSING!!!! The encouraging words from both Donovin and his mother won’t ever be forgotten!!!! I wish everyone can participate and enjoy the love that was displayed at this great C.A.M.P. It also added to my GENTS (my sons) appreciation in life more and how to respect MORE. Words can’t explain it enough for me, I was just over joyed and lifted spiritually and emotionally. GOD IS GOOD. Thank you Donovin!!!!”

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